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 The MADBUGS®? Passionate about Travels, Mad of Escape, Crazy of Road Trips! We travel all around the World  with wacky, colored, funny and surprising vehicles. A lot of fun, a free mindset, a little crazy...A true lifestyle...100% Madbugs.



What can you find on our website? All our adventures around the world, our Pictures, our Videos, our Radio Shows, our Projects with Artists and Music Bands..our Announcements to travel with us , our Very Colored Travel Books "Dingue de Voyage", our Ongoing Projects...Enjoy your visit;)




Each week, our Radio Show 'GoodRoadTripsStudio'!

Unbelievable adventures, travels, music? Let's go with our  incredible and colored Madbugs® Van, on mobile studio, to discover the world! Andy @ Madbugs takes you on the ‘GoodRoadTripsStudio’ Show for 1h of break each week, of reports, encounters, authentic experiences, of projects and strong moments… Together, shared with you, globes-trotters and artists,... Incredible Journey!


 3 Radio Shows available on Podcast on our website below.

The last published shows available on podcast on RadioScarpeSensée 91,4FM

News from our Madbugs Team:

  # The First AeroadTour! - Tour of France
   Here is a human adventure that we share with you in the sky and on the road! 

An Airplane, a Glider, an Ultralight,  a Vault and least but not least, the Madbugs Van.
 From July 9 till July 30, 2017!
With the pilot Florent Boutilly, Andy @Madbugs and the PacifiqueFM Radio Team.
We rally exciting stages around France, to meet pilots, artists, musicians, local producers, people passionates about flying clubs... 

#Wonderful Road Trip in the Camargue (France) with the belgian writer Corinne Jean! Many experiences and meetings,...Departure from Lille and across France, like a zigzag, with many surprises:)


# Excellent Radio Moment shared with the belgian artist and painter Nina Minnebo.
# With the band music RESCAP, French Rock in our Van!


# Festival Longueur d'Ondes de Brest (France) 2017 - A documentary recorded during a previous Road Trip, distinguished 
  during the 14th Radio Festival Longueur d'Ondes de Brest - Congratulations to Jérome Bailly from Radio Scarpe Sensée

One word about one of our companions...

Lifting the veil on the intriguing and colorful vintage Madbugs Van.

After an Amazing Trip to Alaska, it attracts our sympathy...


First named "Niagara" - thanks to the votes of internet users, thanks to you!;) - We slip it into the hands of some artists and our team...

From our shade escapes soon an unexpected vehicle with an atypical mix between a motorhome and a hippie van at the Madbugs sauce of course!

It is now a vector of contact and good humor, unstoppable in its first travels.

Even if we do travel with other road companions, Niagara stays our Van Blow of Heart... And our great atypical studio where we realize our Radio Show GoodRoadTripsStudio!



The Madbugs Van in the clip 'Tonight' from HOLISPARK band and the clip 'Single Sound' from GINGER band!


Live Radio in the race with Andy @Madbugs®

The colored Madbugs® buggy on one of the most beautiful cross circuits of Europe! 

Music in the Van!

Japan Road trip.

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US Roadtrip!

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Happy With You!:)

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