The Story of the "Beast" Brand - Madbugs® 
How did it start?


The MADBUGS®? A truly unique story! All started in 2008, under the leadership of its founders Andy Delcourt and Aline Mujawase. A dose of energy, a free spirit, a desire for open spaces... A bunch of friends pass by, and here we are on the an old car, stolen to the father of one member of the adventure...Either the adventure was short-lived, with a lot of anecdotes and unforseen events.


On a rutted track, we scribble a map, and random chance, the line slips...the first curves of an intringuing creature invade some old folded paper! 

Undoubtedly a coincidence? Not so sure!



Soon other journey quickly follow. The word Mad means Crazy, Fascinated, Addicted, Passionate...Definetly closed to our mindset. During a breakdown, in the middle of nowhere, we discover the "Beast" on a rocky piece a combination of circumstances...From now on, it's named  “MADBUGS®”. The trademark is registered; very fast, the intrepid insect comes to life! Chick shall we, with a lot of humour, in order to measure the craze of the "Beast" we scratch from the first time our daring insect on original and flashy condoms! The "Beast" born in Belgium receives success of esteem, intrigue, interest and mobilizes. At this moment we lay our feet and are already driving on the roads of other continents... 


 It's during the following Road Trip that the first MADBUGS® T-Shirt was designed. This is the real beginning of the epic of the mysterious insect, punctuated with the realization of many projects since, more exciting than each other!


Today, the story continues…takes place on Posters and Books. Our lever adventure of escape, creativity, evasion, team spirit, joy of life, hippie perfume diluted in our era of smartphone and social media opens to the outside more than ever! ! We are already writing other episodes, we gather new roadtrippers on all continents - contact us to live a future roadtrip with us;) -  to concretize future Madbugs Road Trips…


Tame the MADBUGS... if you can!